NEW Ownership

Petro West has been in the fuel business for 26 years. We have built up great clientele, vendors, and an expert team. We now bring in a new ownership team who is young, energetic, and who has a passion for caring for the customer. Combining some of the best expertise in the industry –with a passion to care for the customer— provides a great formula for our growth:

Great Work + Great Experience = Happy Customer

Adam Vandermyde

Eric Heideman

Adam has great business experience in heavy industrials, and is passionate about caring for the customer.

He is a proud father of 4 and loves the outdoors
Eric comes from Rhineheart Oil (Now Parkland) where he improved processes and controls to provide a more consistent service to their valued customers.


He is a proud father of 5, and a native of St. George, Utah


NEW Attitude

Petro West has grown into a great company, but we know we have opportunities to improve! 
Our new focus and attitude consists of being:

Customer Centric

We are fair, direct, and will listen to our customer. After all, caring for the customer is caring for our business!


We do what we say we will do. Always.


The fuel industry is filled with egos and characters. We will be the team you WANT to work with— not only because we do a great job, but also because we were actually great to work with!


We will provide high quality work all the time, every time.


Family first, sports nut, loves travel, accomplished pianist, non- accomplished golfer
Relentlessly detail-oriented, always attending his kids’ games, loves dessert and early-morning runs
Husband, father, grandfather, sports enthusiast (and photographer), lifts weights and cycles to stay sane
4th generation Nevadan, 100% Italian, avid skier and outdoorsman, family full of cooks
Husband to my beautiful wife, father of two amazing children, avid outdoorsman
Proud Husband, Father, and Grandfather. Loves woodworking, photography, and designing for 3D printing.
Family man, college football enthusiast –roll tide. Loves hunting and fishing. “Southern by the Grace Of God”

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